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Custom Polyurethane Foam Mattresses

Quality of foam is determined by the density, or weight. Many mattresses are manufactured with lower density foam. Foam padding is usually the first component to wear or break down in a mattress. This is the cause behind most of the sagging and or body impressions, as well as pain from pressure points.


Salinas Mattress Company builds OUR mattresses using medium to high density foams. We incorporate a 1.8 pound density in our entry levels and a 2.5 pound density in our upper levels.

STANDARD Poly Foam Mattress

This mattress is a six inch, 1.8 pound density foam core and covered in a quilted stretch knit cover. It is available in medium and firm and can easily be altered to accommodate custom applications.

ULTRA CELL Foam Mattress

This is a six inch 2.5 pound high density/ high resiliency foam core covered in a plush stretch knit quilted cover. It is also easily altered to accommodate custom applications.

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