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Innerspring Mattresses Custom Made Just For You

Salinas Mattresses are produced using American made Leggett & Platt innerspring units. Some manufacturers opt for the less expensive Chinese spring units. While the costs are significantly less for these units, the performance is sub standard. From gentle firm to extra firm support, our innerspring units are upholstered with the finest materials available to provide comfort without creating pressure points. We upholster both sides of our mattresses enabling you to flip your mattress periodically to extend the life of the mattress ensuring that you get a better night's sleep.

Which Salinas Mattress Collection Is Right For You?

We offer six different collections, so you can find a mattress with the features you need and the feel you prefer,

all at an affordable price.

MELBOURNE Collection

Good old fashion classic. A mattress built with the basic qualities that will provide a good night’s sleep. It is ideal for the person just getting started, guest rooms, or children transitioning out of their crib. It offers an open coil design with insulation, medium density foam padding and a quilted cover for a good firm feel.

WEDGEWOOD Collection

We consider this the first in our line for every night adult quality and comfort. It is built with a slightly firmer spring for more support and more foam padding for comfort. Topped with a thicker foam quilted cover, it offers a sleep surface that’s easy on the body.

VICTORIA Collection

The mattress that had been our Top Of The Line for decades is now the first in our line of premium mattress sets. This is as firm as it gets without feeling Hard. The 12 ¾ gauge coils provides extra firm support while the 2” medium/high density foams eases the pressure. With a thicker softer foam quilted stretch knit cover, you won’t realize how firm this mattress actually is.

NOVA Collection

Our Nova mattress sits between our firmest mattress and our plushest mattress. It is ideal for the consumer who prefers a firm mattress but doesn’t want to feel the firmness. This mattress is designed for a gentle take on support. I like to call it “Firm but with forgiveness”. It offers a high coil count, offset spring unit with 2” of our high density/ high resiliency foam padding inside a plush stretch knit quilted cover. Our Nova mattress accommodates your curves and relieves pressure while supporting your entire body.

EUROPA Collection

The Europa mattress offers a truly unique feel combined with superior comfort, support and durability. With a combination of highly tempered coil springs, high density/high resiliency foam padding, natural latex foam toppers and topped off with an ultra plush foam and natural wool quilted cover, we’ve assembled a mattress that is built for premium comfort that is unparallel.

SERENITY Collection

Our newest mattress integrates 2” of Natural Talalay Latex and European Nested Encased Coils to create a natural, highly supportive mattress that is free of motion transfer. The 100% cotton cover quilted to natural wool batting completes this mattress to give you a uniquely clean sleep environment.

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