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Mattress Foundations & Box Spring Systems

Our mattress foundations and box spring systems are ergonomically engineered to support and work in perfect harmony with any of our custom mattresses. No matter what kind of mattress you prefer, Salinas Mattress Company has a box spring to help you sleep peacefully and awaken refreshed and rejuvenated.


WEBLOK® Box Spring System

WEBLOK® the essence of ingenious simplicity, engineered to allow the use of a full range of coil counts with only one style grid. The WEBLOK Box Spring System is comprised of two simple components – a high-quality, notched and welded grid-top and single cone coils notched at the top for a fast, sturdy connection without using clips.


SIGMA-FLEX® Modular Spring System

The SIGMA-FLEX® high-quality modular spring system is designed to provide proper load distribution and support for increased bedding comfort and longer unit life. Patented Dyna-Lock® interlocking design provides uniform support and livelier spring action. The most versatile spring available, Sigma modules feature a limited deflection design with six working torsion bars for impact resistance and proper contouring to body weight. Provides firm, quality support for any mattress, from promotional to premium.


SEMI-FLEX Foundation

Semi-Flex® Performance Grid Spring System offers a durable and noiseless foundation with its one-piece, rigid-steel design.

The steel construction is quieter and stronger than all-wood alternatives, making it the preferred choice of consumers. After all, wood can crack, and a cracked wood foundation can squeak. And squeak. And keep you up at night. Available in two height options, Semi-Flex will also give you a great foundation for your bedroom décor. The design allows better tailoring at the corners, adding to the eye appeal of the unit. And because it passes all durability tests, including Cornell, Rollator, and Impact, Semi-Flex will be a lasting staple in your bedroom for years to come.

EUROPEAN Flexible Slat System

Our flexible slat foundation is designed to do more than merely support your mattress—it is designed to support YOU. The curved slats in our foundation provide both suspension and contour for greater comfort and pressure reduction. And the slat system is fully adjustable and dual-sided to meet the needs of individual sleepers. Based on a design widely used in Europe, we have adapted the system to meet the needs of American consumers. Our flexible slat foundation replaces your box spring and fits in any standard-sized bed frame. Paired with one of our flexible, supportive mattresses, it is an integral part of our system.


An important but often neglected part of the sleep experience is the sleeping climate which describes the temperature and humidity level during sleep. The open design of our slat base enables important air circulation below the bed to create a dry and healthy sleeping climate combating unwelcome guests like mould, mildew, house dust mites that affect breathing and contribute to allergies. Humidity also affects your heart rate which in turn elevates blood pressure and causes shallower sleep.

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